R12 1.4 manifold gasket

Does anyone know of a good source of manifold gaskets for the 1397 R12 motors? (I gather Ken is out of them.) Alternatively, if someone has a bunch sitting in a cupboard & willing to sell one to me, then I'd appreciate that.

cheers! Peter


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Not sure. You could ring French Connection, Alpine Affaire and Auto Paris in Melbourne.


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The Cleon motor was used in heaps of different models, They are available but often part of a gasket set.
If you can't find one locally you could try the R12 shop, they're EUR15.00 plus postage.

Other place worth a try is Auto Surplus

35 Rooks rd Mitcham

They have been going around buying old stick from closing dealerships for years, so have quite a lot of oddball NOS stuff

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i to have found them a good source of spares, i think they have moved to merrindale Rd Croydon south, same phone no..... jim


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Get some Universal Inlet and outlet blank gasket material.
Press your manifold onto sheet to get the shape, cut out and install
Rod guys been using this stuff for years


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as a business, but I have only some items on my site as the warehouse is 400 m2 :) Just tell me what you need, I'll get you a quotation


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Alternatively, Dana is present in Australia and should carry the Glaser / Victor Reinz brands, but I don't know if they sell the whole catalog
Thanks; obviously (on freight grounds) I'll source in oz if possible. It's not desperately urgent as the Djet is still usable; just blowing a bit.


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I guess you're looking for the gasket between the cyl head and the exhaust manifold, similar to the R12 1289cc model ?
Yes. Sorry, I thought that I had made that clear. I have just learned that the manifold gasket (which serves both inlet & exhaust manifolds) is identical in the 1289 & 1397 R12 engines. I imagine that the one for the R9/R11 engines might be different as I gather that the ports in the head are spaced differently.

So, safest way to word my query is that I'm after the manifold gasket for the 1289 Renault R12 engine.


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this gasket has the Glaser (Dana group) ref 05931. If not distributed in AUS, it's very common here in EU