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Peugeot 306 stater motor options


Hi all,

I’m looking to replace the starter in my daughters 306 XSi manual - the solenoid is sticky when it’s cold. I thought I’d fixed it by cleaning the solenoid which had dried/very sticky grease in it and greasing with a touch of copper anti seize grease.

Anyway, looking at eBay, the starter motors for anything 205/405/306/406 etc diesel or petrol engines (above 1.8L) all look the same. Is this a correct assumption?


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You can get new solenoids on the bay, undo and replace, as well as new bushes for the motor itself, clean out dust and crap, clean commutator = nearly new starter and cheaper and a better option as all that's left to go wrong is the magnets letting go!


Thanks all for the tips/suggestions. I went with what turned out to be a refurbished 205/405 1.9 Valeo starter from EAI which fitted fine and was identical to what came out. If it had been my daily driver I would have had a crack at fixing it but I don’t want my daughter stuck somewhere. She was getting tired of tapping the solenoid with a bit of broom handle each time it stuck 😁.
Removing the air filter housing and throttle body gave plenty of space to work and it was less painful than expected.

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