Peugeot 205 Parts wanted


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Anyone know the cheapest place to get CV joints from (and does it work out cost effective to get them from the UK)?

What price should I be paying for a reconditioned clutch for a 1987 205 GTi?
If anyone has a clutch of the above description I would be very interested.


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matt, cv's are cheaper in uk [about 75 gbp] but it is the freight thats the killer plus with an item that size big bad customs might want to tax u a little....end result u might as well buy in oz!! or u can get recon. ones from melbournem caravelle imports on 03 9890 9061 cost around $330. a 2nd hand gearbox will set u back around $400 to 600. a rebuild around $12 to 1400 plus, shop around. fully rebuilt ones in the uk are approx 200gbp but again the freight will kill u. hope this helps!!