Peugeot 203 mecanic on the gold coast

welcome - you've come to the right place - there's a wealth of experience here for the asking anyway ...
what work does it need?
can't imagine i can be of much use myself being a little further north, but i do have a roll-call going if you would be so kind as to share anything you can of;
Serial No. , Carroserie , Code/s , Type , Photo , Notes , Name , Locality , State and/or Country
for inclusion in
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is it one of these recently on the market medowie.jpgbundaburg:cabarita beach copy.jpg ( neither of which i have a serial number for ) ?
Hi, l have purchase a 203A Peugeot , 1952, and l am looking for a mecanic, or someone that knows a bit those, on the Gold Coast, or nearby, thanks.
I'm in Melbourne, can offer advice at least.
Without offending anyone, the bulk of the 203's mechanical design is par for the course for the time.
Any mechanic familiar with working on older cars (from the 203's era), should be able to attend to pretty well any repairs required.
Trouble is these days, is finding a mechanic that wants to work on ANY old car.