My R12 POS Arrived!


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Well now that we know at least Victorians won't be able to drive around in circles until November, why not keep going and rip stuff of this thing.

Look, its the fuel lines from a Reno 12

And the 8mm EFI hose it will be replaced with;

They is roughly the same length there, I was surprised the "plastique" hose wasn't much heavier, I had expected it to be honestly. Good thing I'm doing this actually as the hard line as it bent over the rear suspension was rubbing on the floor, and was a little thin in some sections. My tank has 4 mounting positions on the passenger side free. I mean the bolts weren't attached to anything and the tank was clearly moving a little in the rear of the car.... Don't feel dumb about ripping it all out now.

The sports sedan rules say the tank needs to be 500mm away from the rearmost part of the car or, you can use Aluminium honeycomb @ 50mm in thickness to protect the fuel system. I'm going to try and mount everything 500mm away and avoid that complexity. Turns out the Reno12 isn't really a big car;

This was going to be the inspiration;

Make a false floor, keep it as low as possible but I suppose the rules have changed from when this image was taken. That would not pass now. 500mm away from the rear of a Reno12 looks like this;

This tank has a little slump near the outlets, I'll position it so that clears the beam housing then probably just bring the hose down to the filter and pump before running it directly to the engine bay on the passenger side. See exhibit a)

Firstly yes this is beautiful, a Dacia 1300 a Romanian is putting back together. I can't tell you how much I like those colour coded suspension bits. And the green is fantastic. Anyway you can see the fuel line on the bottom (passenger side), I'll check the clearances, but suggest I'll just go straight over the hump in the floor plan, making a straight line between the rails and up in the usual spot. If it's a bit sketchy I could move the floor with my hammer some what, or even cut into it weld a half circle or something. I like the idea of bringing it on the non manifold side, then I can curve up to where the battery was where the pressure reg will be, and then up into the carb.

Anyway so I'll sort the tank position / built a little box section cage for it to sit in, maybe just a beam between the wheel arches. I'll have a think about what to do with the filler neck, it will be annoying but I think that's the less of two evils rather then falling foul of the 500mm regulation.

Also, I had another look at that shock tower. I remembered it was a big crappy when we were putting the koni's in;

Yeeeeah so I'll have to replace those washers.. How much of a problem is this now that the strut is all fsked up. My mates tell me this is a fairly common thing that happens with pin setups like this, how can I secure it against the strut tower to stop it moving around. Could I weld / bolt a plate with a removable hiem joint attached to the strut tower for it to screw into if you like? I suppose what would this look like without a rubber mount?

VIV LA RENO! and long live the submarines....
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Cleaned up the boot / fuel space again this afternoon, and it's going to be ok.

There is going to be enough room to plumb the filter and fuel pump without any crazy radius in the fuel hose before doing a 180 out to the front.

I'll secure it on the beam cover, then read the rules another 10x time to work out what sort of boxed structure will be suitable to hold it in place.

There will still be enough room to get a funnel in with fill it up, and being centered on top of the beam is probably better then worrying about getting it as low as possible.

Oh some of the seam sealer was chipping away so I broke what I could away, they really didn't weld it to often.. The shock tower isn't even welded all the way around. Suggest I'll go in with the welder and present some material there just because.