Mi16 query


Going slightly mad
ok guys i need to rack some brains here
as some of you may know i am thinking of an interesting conversion for a 203 ute
what i need to know is a measurement of the length of an Mi16 engine compared to a 403 or even a 504 engine
it has just occured to me that the dissy when the motor is in a conventional config in a car is going to be facing or even hitting the firewall
any help is appreciated thanks guys


Going slightly mad
beauty thanks for that ray
very much appreciated
all i have to do now is find out that same for the Mi16 engine now so i have some comparison between the two engines
that way i can work out a few things for clearance

Ray Bell

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For the record, had a look at an Mi16 today and it was 520 for the same dimension, but he back of the head is further back, in line with the back of the block, in fact... also there is a water pump drive off the exhaust came, and the distributor sticks out about 75mm...