M7 Grab Kits


That's good Sven, Aust Post tracking showed your M7 kit was mis-sorted and went on a long detour.
The second parcel is also not in a hurry, looks like it'll be next week.

I'll take this opportunity to let others know that I have more M7 kits ready to go.......


Today I sourced about 50 pieces of new bolts,
M7 x 1.0 x 50mm, 8.8, fully threaded, black finish.

I expect to have similar in yellow zinc finish sometime in November, but if anyone needs some before then, I have these black ones available at $1.20 each, plus postage.

Also the 152 piece kits are still available.

PM to me for details of order and payment.

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Just got word that the M7x 50 bolts are now in stock, and I'll have them tomorrow.

So if anyone wants to add a few to their kit, or get a kit, or top up bags, PM me.