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Losing coolant . . .

207cc Sport

Mine all up, cost me $480.00 parts (which included the exhaust coolant pipe), $40.00 coolant, and Wayne was $400.00 = $920.00

207cc Sport

I actually enjoy doing the servicing myself.

Oil change every 5,000 k, with filer every other time.
Pencil coil replacement
Spark plug replacement
Air/Pollen filters
Manual gearbox fluid change
Brake fluid change

My mech Wayne, does the four and five spanner stuff.

I've got the tools and learnt a lot with the French Tart. Same engine.

207cc Sport

After my recent service experience i'll be doing as much as possible myself. Dealer servicing, never again.

During my first year of ownership of the French Tart, I had endless issues after taking the Pug to the Brisbane dealership. They were absolute fvckers in how to look after the new Prince engine and the folding roof.

It went in with a squealing water pump. I went back later and drove it out. The squealing was still there. The replacement water pump was rooted too, and they didn't even check for the noise.

Another story and very disturbing. They had to replace the front brake rotors another time. Got the Pug back and washed it that weekend. Shock, horror. When cleaning a wheel I noticed that a wheel bolt was missing! And another was finger loose. Phew! Can you actually believe in the incompetence.

After that I do as much as I can and for the experienced stuff take it to my Master Pug Mechanic, Wayne Botha. He is an independent and knows his stuff. Even gets contracted in to the local Peugeot Dealership to fix the hard stuff. Independents are GO! You just need to find the right one.