Interior fan not working


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Hi all.
I'm a new member. I am asking for advice regarding my Renault Koleos interior fan . We had a new battery fitted recently, since this was done the interior fan has not working . Everything else is ok though.
I have checked all fuses that I could locate. Am I missing something or has something shorted out or broken. Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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Post in the Koleos specific forum, you may get more replies.

I am fighting with some heating problems myself right now, the manuals are online but from what you say it sounds like you may have to dig deeper under the dash to see what's goin' on. The manual helps with some info about how to get there but not much to identify the problem. I would try to get to the fan blower and power it directly to make sure the motor actually works and take it from there. There's more to the circuit apart from the motor, the fuse and the switch so many components to investigate, but that should start you on the way.


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So which model Koleos is it (H45 or HZG) and is it Expression/Life trim (i.e. manual control) or Dynamique/Zen/Privilege/Intens (i.e. with climate control).
If it's a faulty resistor then the fan should still work on the highest fan setting as the highest speed bypasses the resistor.
Have you tried putting your demister on? The demister usually blows at full-speed and by-passes the fan resistor pack too.

Changing the battery shouldn't make any difference to the blower fan (unless there's a fuse box under the battery that might have been bumped during the battery change). The blower fan is on the accessories circuit so wouldn't have been on when the battery was changed.