I Spy...Victoria


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I was having a "Coldie" at the Richmond Club Hotel in Swan St yesterday, :nownow: having just 'picked up' a delicious 'hot chick' from the charcoal chicken purveyors, and a black Series 2 DS passed by, followed only minutes later by a maroon DS23 did the same! :eek::headbang: Is this a record?! I just love the gritty atmosphere of this part of Swan St. :banana::)


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I saw a lovely off-white Peugeot 203 heading south down Rathdowne St Carlton today. It looked so picturesque in the quaint street setting that it could have been back in the 50's.


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Spotted on the back of a trailer turning into Wellington RD Mulgrave a Renault Sport Megane Cup Trophy Race Car. Made my day.


Nice CX25 GTI parked in Mary St Richmond tonight. White. WA rego. By the time I got back to leave a note on the windscreen, it had gone...


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Were anyone to have gone to the French Car Festival then quite a lot of spying could have occurred.

cheers! Peter


Sad but plucky sight of a nice looking earlier model white CX broken down inbound on the eastern freeway, near Calder Hwy turnoff. Yesterday around midday. Wonder who that was...


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Saw lots of old Pugs on friday .
grey 203 at Cann River... (and also saw this yeserday at Orbost)
505 (wagon I think) at Bairnsdale
404 on the highway near Sale

and a couple of others I cant recall.
A get together happening somewhere?



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in Castlemaine this morning, outside the Winters Flat lolly shop,
what looked like a red 205 Gti on a tip tray, close up proved to be
the Si that had lived in the street last year outside Caramel Cottage
in Hargraves St. I asked the driver, fiddling with the tipping mechanism,
where it was headed, his laconic reply, "China!" I think that was code for
mind your own effin beeswax...


At a "carpark" on the corner of Middleborough and Lexton Roads, Box Hill North, on Friday morning, 8/9/17, a well kept dark green Citroën XM drove in whilst I was walking past.
On closer inspection of that carpark, there were 5 Peugeot 403s in various states of disrepair and increasing amounts of rust.

Later on Friday, a dark blue Series I Peugeot 505 sedan drove past me along Maroondah Hwy, heading east near Surrey Road. Beautiful!
That's the car park used by Evan's Classic Cars, who services old frogs and other interesting things

Provides a very good service - honest, competent and informative

Also does roadworthies and understands the quirks of froggy cars - he is strict but fair