i did a bad bad thing


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hit me if you want but i think i did a bad bad thing. I had a Renault 12 autommatic wagon for 23 years poo poo coloured - it was just the best - big smash one day all gone - bought a white Renault 12 Virage wagon - bad choice fell to bits -one day in a car yard after being talked intobuying one of those other types of cars - da da da da like the rainbow on the lotto add there it was it was instant love - a bright orange Renault 12 Virage wagon with fully black interior - of course i bought it -only thing it was a manual and i only drive automatic - this is the bad bad thing -I thought i would get the automatic from the other Renault transferred over to the new car and i would have a kinda new car - bad choice i have had so much trouble ever since and you know all the smoke in the air at the moment - its not from fires its from my little orange Renault.