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Hydraulic pressure drop


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Ok, I have a somewhat strange question, I have 73 DS23 EFI. The ride was quite vauge, and on closer inspection i found that the spheres were very old, so i decided a full replacement of all spheres was needed. I replaced all the suspension, brake and main accumulator spheres, then conducted several bleed sessions and replaced the LHM. The ride does seem much better. One strange thing i have noticed, when i switch the car off, It sinks to the bump stops a lot faster than it used to. Not that in itself that is an issue, but before it would take a lot longer. I cant think there is more air in the system, as all is working well, but I wonder if i have missed something, or even if this is a problem, I do not have any visible leaks, but it does seem to lose pressure faster? Any thoughts?



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If the fluid level in the reservoir is low, a vortex can develop, allowing air to enter the pump intake. Check the fluid level in the reservoir, and if low, fill to the correct level. This causes the absolute pressure in that part of the circuit to fall below the vapor pressure of the hydraulic fluid.

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