For Sale Heidelberg ID19s for sale PRICE REDUCED to $5k for the lott.


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I have 4 ID19s for sale: a 1960 french built ID19 without a roof (fibreglass roof can be sourced if needed) and 3 Heidelberg cars, a 1962 and two 1964 cars. They are in various states. The 1964 cars both run, but one is rusty beyond repair and the 1960 french one is also a rust bucket. The other two are not too bad and worth saving.
I prefer to sell these as a package to a ID19 tragic like myself; these Heidelberg cars need to be saved!
The economic fall-out of the Covid crisis has forced this decision unfortunately, as I am about to lose the house and shed where they are stored in next 4-6 months.
Please note that I am in Stawell, Western Victoria.ID19 ad.JPG contact me by PM.
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