French cars in movies


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Lots of 1970's French cars in the French movie " Next Time I Will Aim For The Heart".
Screened on Foxtell last night.
Not what you would call a feel-good movie but plenty of French cars.


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I have had my French car (1958 Renault 750) in 2 TV shows, A place to call Home, Paris Scene, and an ABC production My Place. There are 2 movies that come to mind for me with French cars , " The day of the Jackal" and Breakfast at Tiffanys.

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In "the Baron", which they sometimes screen overnight, there is a black 403 that regularly pops up.


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Little Nicolas on Holiday on SBS today.
Not a bad comedy set in the 60's about a family on their seaside holiday.
About every french car plus a H van of the era.


I turned on the tv at midnight last night and found myself watching Alvin Purple Rides Again[1974]

I don't know if this was done in that movie, but if you look at a couple of other movies from the time, such as Jack Thompson in Petersen, they conspicuously drive an R12 and an R16.

Then you look at the credits, to find "Cars supplied by Renault Australia". Possibly the same for Scobie Malone.

Off the top of my head, the Day of the Jackal was set in 1965, but you could easily see 504s in it.


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Maigret ABC

Maigret on ABC at 9.30 tonight....plenty of traction avant action a couple of 203's (Taxi, ambo) and a few early Renaults.

Odd part is seeing Rowan Atkinson of Mr Bean fame as Inspector Maigret, speaking in English.

Very enjoyable spotting the cars:)


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Not in movies, but on TV.

The new Maigret show on BBC First (Foxtel) has a great spread of Fifties French vehicles. Several Traction's of various models and a splattering of Pug 203's. All in very good nick by the look of it. Very nice. :)

The actual show isn't too bad also with several actors with mostly comedy past roles playing Parisian cops or newspaper reporters etc. Quite watchable.. Not aware of a date for the second of the series as yet, but the first should be re-run soon-ish no doubt also.
Maigret is being played on the ABC currently. An episode was on one night just recently.
Several Tractions, they are the chosen vehicle for his unit it appears. A few 203 Pugs and a 4CV taxi spotted


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Another Maigret episode coming up on ABC TV this week :)

Will have to check the tv guide to confirm which evening it's on.



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A family in a film currently available on Netflix "Things Heard & Seen" drive a very neat maroon 504. It's a rather slow horror movie though, except for the car. :ROFLMAO:


Recently watched an underrated, made for TV number with David Wenham from around 2004 called Stiff, main character drives an R16.


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Le Samourai.

What does the world's most stylish hitman drive? A Citroen DS, obviously. Preferably someone else's.

The cars have about as many lines as Delon.


foreign intrigue (1956)simca vedette and delahaye first ten minutes of film, delahaye driven by Robert mitchum. on 9gem