FOR SALE: Citroen Xsara VTS $4000

Daelin Lis

This excellent car isn’t getting much attention so the new price is $4000.

-2002 Citroen Xsara VTS (MY03)



-Located in Brisbane

-Plates do not come with car.

-Rego expires on 31st July, but it will be renewed and come with 6 months rego

-Fantastic driver’s car

The car is in very good cosmetic condition, other than worn steering wheel and small scrape below the VTS badge in the left. It isn’t in a good spot and isn’t that noticeable.

Car is in good mechanical condition with a few little issues mentioned in the ad below. The timing belt and water pump were done at 180,000kms in 2019 (10,000kms ago).

-Sadly due to a very busy work schedule inspections and test drives will only be available from Saturday 24th July onwards.

Contact myself, Daelin, on 0449 665 884 or shoot me a message here.

I am very sad to say I am selling my 2002 (MY03) Citroen Xsara VTS. This car has been in my family since 2005 and I promised myself I would keep it in the family forever, but sadly things have changed with me buying a new car, and it’s time for it to go to a new home who will love it and care for it as much as we have.

The car was purchased brand new in January 2003 by a lady who lived in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. In 2005 my grandfather’s best friend bought the car. He was a very keen motoring enthusiast. It lived with him in Murphy’s Creek near Toowoomba until July 2011 where due to a foot condition he could no longer drive manuals. As a result, he then sold the car to my mother. Mum is also a keen driver, and used it has her daily driver to work. Mum’s work trip consisted of driving on the motorway to Wacol, so most of the car’s mileage was 5th gear highway driving as she was always driving against peak hour trafficas she was going the opposite direction. The car was driven as a daily hack from 2011 until 2017 where my mum found a job she could catch the bus to. In February 2019, I bought the car off mum with about 180,000km on the clock. It was used by me only on weekends and I have only put 10,000km on the car in that time.

In August 2020, I had the bonnet and roof resprayed as the paint had lost a bit of colour being parked at mum’s work.

This Xsara has been maintained and serviced by my grandfather who is an avid French car enthusiast himself, and would spend a full day on the service also cleaning all suspension and engine components in reach, hence why everything mechanical is still clean. The car comes with a service history with all receipts.

As for tyres, the car is on Bridgestone RE003s. The rear tyres are from 2017 and the fronts from February 2019.

Whilst it’s in excellent condition, as it’s an older car it’s not entirely perfect, and it does have a couple of little issues. They are listed here:

Heater core has been isolated due to the core leaking in 2015. This means there’s no heater. It’s a small cabin and QLD winters aren’t super cold, so you still get warm inside the car relatively quickly.

Cold starting: the car doesn’t like being started when it’s been sitting for a few days. It’ll start, and then sometimes and stall. The trick is to let the car idle for about 20 seconds before you apply throttle and set off. It is of course a little frustrating, but the car becomes fine after you wait a little while.

Air conditioning and idling. The air con works well, but sometimes (and only sometimes) the revs at idle rise and drop with the compressor engaged. I’ve been told this is a stepper motor issue. That said, the car hasn’t actually done this in about a year.

Brakes squeak, but for no apparent reason. They started doing this after about 500km with new pads and rotors from French Car Care. Each are in fine condition, as an inspection will show when you come view the car. I suspect it’s the particular disc/pad combination that causes this.

Power steering ram on the steering rack is worn. This means at light steering input the steering wheel gets a slightly unusual feel. It’s a little hard to describe, but the wheel shifts around in your hands a bit. Once you really lean into it, like a hard corner for example the steering feel is completely fine. You’ll see this for yourself when you test drive the car.

The rego expires on the 31st of July, however it WILL be renewed and come with 6 months rego.

Other than the few little issues listed above, this is a fantastic car that has been has been very well loved and cared for very well in the last 16 years it’s been with us. I am shattered to be writing this ad, but I have upmost confidence that the next owner of this car will love it just as much as I have, and get as much pleasure out of it that I have.


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