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F1 - 2021 - Azerbaijan - Spoiler alert


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Qualifying results and highlights

It was crashem derby on Saturday

Q1 Crashem Derby

Lance Stroll out the right front wheel on the wall at turn 15 some four minutes into the session. He will start 19th.

Antonio Giovinazzi crashed out on the same turn 15 taking out the right front corner during Q1, he will start 20th.

Q2 Crashem Derby

Ricciardo crashed out in Q2, but qualified 13th

Q3 Crashem Derby

Yuki Tsunoda hit the wall at turn 15 leaving his car on the racing line, but out of sight (due to 90 degree corner) from approaching Sainz, who locked brakes, spun and hit the wall.

Edit:- Verstappen hit the wall at turn 15 also in Q3.

Qualifying results

1/ Leclerc - benefitted from a tow behind Hamilton
2/ Hamilton - Benefitted from a tow behind Bottas
3/ Verstappen
4/ Gasly
5/ Sainz
6/ Norris
7/ Perez
8/ Tsunoda
9/ Alonso
10/ Bottas

Hit the watch on YouTube link below to watch the video


All qualifying times

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Well well, the big names ended nowhere.

1/ Perez - his car failed after crossing the finish line
2/ Vettel - on the podium at last
3/ Gasly
4/ Leclerc
5/ Norris
6/ Alonso
7/ Tsunoda
8/ Sainz - ran into the runoff area lap 11 triggering a yellow flag
9/ Ricciardo
10/ Raikkonen
11/ Giovinazzi
12/ Bottas
13/ Schumacher
14 Mazepin
15/ Hamilton - Edit - Hamilton muffed the restart and ran into the run off area immediately after restart
16/ Latifi

Leclerc won the start with Hamilton second and Verstappen 3rd., but by lap7 both Hamilton and Verstappen had passed Leclerc. Lap later Perez passed him also. Hamilton lost lead to both Red Bulls during pit stops.

Russell, Verstappen (crashed on the main straight while leading the race with 5 laps to go, possibly a tyre failure), Stroll (spun out at the start of the straight and hit the wall. Tyre failure?) and Ocon DNF

The good bits can be seen here - click on the underlined link to YouTube

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The Drivers Championship

Top two places are unchanged as Verstappen did not finish and Hamilton stuffed up the restart and finished 15th out of the points. Perez jumped two places from 5th to 3rd. Norris dropped one place to 4th, Bottas fell from 3rd to 6th and Leclerc went from 6th to 5th

1/ Verstappen 105
2/ Hamilton 101
3/ Perez 69
4/ Norris 66
5/ Leclerc 52
6/ Bottas 47
7/ Sainz 42
8/ Gasly 31
9/ Vettel 28
10/ Ricciardo 26
11/ Alonso 13
12/ Ocon 12
13/ Stroll 9
14/ Tsunoda 8

Constructors Championship

After last round Red Bull was only 1 point ahead of Merc in the Constructors Championship. With Red Bull getting two cars on the podium and Merc failing to score point, Red Bull grew the lead margin.

1/ Red Bull 174
2/ Mercedes 148
3/ McLaren 92
4/ Ferrari 94
5/ Alphatauri 39
6/ Aston Martin 37