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F1 - 2020 - Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello - Spoiler alert


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Qualifying result for the Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello

1/ Hamilton

2/ Bottas - Bottas was .059s behind Hamilton, but on hi last fast lap Ocon had an off in front of Bottas and Bottas was forces to lift due to yellow flags

3/ Verstappen
4/ Albon
5/ Leclerc - Ocons off also affected Leclerc
6/ Perez
7/ Stroll - Ocons off affected Stroll
8/ Ricciardo - Ocons off also affected Ricciardo
9/ Sainz
10/ Ocon - Had an off in Q3
11/ Norris
12/ Kvyat - had an off on Q2
13/ Raikkonen
14/ Vettel - Vettel failed to make Q3, does that make it 5 races in the row he has failed to make Q3 ? Raikkonen and Leclerc (5th) both rubbed salt in the wounds.
15/ Grosjean
16/ Gasly
17/ Giovinazzi
18/ Russell
19/ Latifi
20/ Magnussen




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Well that was race full of action and some racing as well, in between the red flags. Eight drivers failed to finish.

Ricciardo finished 4th, a great result.

Bottas actually made Hamilton work for his win this time winning the start from second place.

1/ Hamilton
2/ Bottas
3/ Albon
4/ Ricciardo
5/ Perez
6/ Norris
7/ Kvyat
8/ Leclerc
9/ Raikkonen
10/ Vetttel
11/ Russell
12/ Grosjean