Covid and fuel usage


Yes this is the problem now, the consumption. I filled the C5 diesel today. It took 60l for 660km, so basically 9l per 100, and it said 75km left.
The trip meter showed 8.3 for the last tankful, and I know it is always a good 0.5 optimistic, so 9 it is. The long trip showed 7.2 over 8800km.
I am always wary of all the short trips in lockdown, both in consumption, exhaust/cat wear, and the number of times it is started, which may be 4 times in the one outing.
Soon as we can I am going to take it to Gosford and hold it in 5th the whole way.


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Personally, I just put "Urgent Blood Delivery" signs front and back on the car, and drive anywhere I like.


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Wow ... all these problems. I only need to move a trailer or two around the yard and the shitbox range rover has managed to burn another tank of fuel. LPG could probably sit forever in its sealed tank though :)

so long as I don't let the ULP get too old and stinky. it'll burn fine, just like it does in the old Citroens. there compression ratio is so low, as long as the petrol hasn't gone "off" enough to gum up the valves or fuel system, you'll be fine :)

My cars always all sit "almost empty". My wife would have heart failure if I paid out the $$$ to fuel them all up. The tractor and mowers always seem to fire right up if you have a charged battery on hand.


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It's a thing:


Check out aviation fuel, in particular, but across the board.