Beware of potential scammers replying to wanted ads on this forum: Luke Ryan & Mathew Frank


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So a few weeks ago i asked if anyone had any Citroen CX wheel bolts. Luke Ryan sent me a message suggesting I contact a Mathew Frank who is “very honest” and somehow had all parts I required.

But both Luke Ryan (who i just noticed is a guest here) and Mathew Frank have poor English and poor grammar and despite agreeing to having all parts finally sent a photo of a random internet part, and requested i send a payment to a different email address as “friends/family” to conveniently void my buyer protection.

They had all the parts I required but were only concerned about getting paid ASAP. Thankfully I didn’t send a payment!!

Just be aware guys that scammers come in all forms.


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Oddly enough the very honest people one usually meets in French car groups will often send parts with the invoice instead of pre-payment. Car parts and fuel have always brought out the worst in some now made worse by internet trading so it's all the more reason to preserve the trust we have among good people. Even in the country the level of trust is diminishing. And there are rogues. But large trades are still made on a handshake and that's something worth preserving. That's why I sell my Peugeot book without pre payment and you know people who buy it, many from this site, are scrupulously honest.