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Aussie build colours.

Hello fans of the Heidelberg build ID from the early to mid 60s:)

I'm wondering if anyone can save me some time in searching for colour codes. I am refinishing an Angora White '64 ID, the body colour code on the car is 4318. That bit is ok.

Does anyone have the info / code for the pale...faint greeny-beige original wheel colour (my vague description!)? It's a distinctive feature so I'd like to get it right. Also, a range of trim pieces are the local version of 'gris rose' AC136, but there is also the darker grey colour for the large oil bath air cleaner, and that distinctive under bonnet green for the breather filter etc. (I'd prefer not to put brunswick green on it:).

Thanks all, grateful for any info. I feel like I once knew this stuff, but it's all gone!



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Try using Brunswick green and adding small amounts of black until the appropriate colour is achieved! I have even added navy blue and achieved a result that is close to the green applied to tractions ( found on the bell housing closing plate).

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