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Air Conditioning failure 2012 C5

When the air conditioning failed in our C5 (125k) recently, the dealer diagnosis was that it was a clutch control fault – C994. They suggested replacement of compressor and condenser at a cost of approximately $3,200.

From research undertaken so far, failure of the clutch in this compressor is not uncommon. In particular, I was advised that it is the coil component that fails. When I queried the dealer why not just replace the clutch, the service advisor surmised that the clutch may not be sold separately by Citroen? From the limited research I have done, a coil is obtainable from the UK, but they are currently out of stock of the clutch assembly complete. The clutch costs just a fraction of that of the compressor and condenser and I have had varying reports ranging from an hour to one day to replace the clutch.

Would appreciate hearing from others who can enlighten me further.

Ken W

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There are plenty of second hand compressors on ebay. Buy one of those and get the clutch coil swapped over onto your compressor.

If the system still has a good enough quantity of gas in the system, you won't need a new condenser although I have had to fit a new condenser to my 2008 model after it lost gas - it is a front bumper off job. I managed to supply a second source condenser from a crowd I found in Sydney using a google search on the PSA part number as Citroen Aust had no stock - as expected.

Cheers, Ken


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Hi turnbull :)
My Mercedes Sprinter van had the same problem some years back. The coil in the clutch failed coming home on a 40deg day(it was hell !). The local auto electrician could not get a separate part and quoted some thousands to replace the whole unit. However I chased up the compressor manufacturer and got on to the local aussie supplier who gave me the part number for the coil and I ordered it from a usual local supplier for only $150 I think. They recognised the part number but did not have it listed separately normally. Go figure :rolleyes:
So the auto electrician had to remove the compressor to replace the part and regas etc but i saved $2000 on the job and had the a/c serviced while doing it.;) So chase up that coil or clutch unit.
I think it might also be possible to rewind the coil. But you would need to get it out and take it to a motor rewinder, if there is anyone doing that these days. A simple job compared to rewinding an electric motor I would think.


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Or if this gets too difficult check with your local wrecker or the guys in Lowood QLD for a good secondhand unit, and swap the whole unit and re-gas.
Thank you all for the feedback.

I have since resolved that Citroen do not list a part for either the coil or clutch complete. Hence you buy the compressor and condenser when the coil fails!

I have been able to locate a coil at https://www.buycarparts.co.uk/thermotec/8058110 It asked for year model and motor, so I assume it is correct? (it didn't ask for compressor part number). The good news is that it would appear to only cost about $30, the bad news is that freight is just under $200! My preference would be for a local supplier. I would also prefer the complete clutch, but they are out of stock at the moment.

There is a place in QLD that apparently rewires coils, but I wondered whether the extra labour involved would make it worthwhile?


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Can you think of other parts that you need (or might soon need) eg. brake pads - even brake disks? Usually when there is such a high 'flag fall' for freight, you can add a lot of items to the order without incurring additional freight.


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Disconnect clutch wiring
Apply power to clutch directly and see if it activates. If so then ECU rather than clutch
Measure resistance to earth on each wire.
Only then
Rewinders, many available Rewinder


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Hi John :)
If it were mine I would find the brand of the compressor and the model number. Then talk to the trade suppliers to find the parts available for that model in other applications. Then see what other makes list for the coils. I would bet there would only be a couple of coils and clutches that suit most applications. ;)


Call 'Cool Drive' in your state. You may need a Citroen part number first but they do stock a reasonable variety of aftermarket clutches.
Check also with the reconditioners who may have a good clutch to fit the unit.
Thanks Jaahn & jya. I called by our local Cool Drive yesterday and gave them the Citroen part number but they said they needed the model/ model number. Had a quick look for these numbers, but it seemed very crowded around the compressor. Is it easier to get to them from the top, or underneath?


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There's a Sanden sticker facing the front. It's hard to read from above, but easily seen with a torch and small mirror. The image in the mirror is of course reversed.