504 Brake and Clutch Pedal Rubbers

Does anyone know who supplies or stocks new pedal rubbers for a 504 clutch and brake pedal or does anybody have some they wish to part with?

If they are hard to get it might be a good idea to check the rubbers and if one is wearing on one corner you could rotate it 90 degrees so it wont be down to metal any time soon [most likely the clutch pedal]


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i took the pedal rubber for my 307 auto down to Bersons were the guy checked its dimensions against his pedal rubbers book and found it was a direct match for a B M W 323 , at a quarter of the peugeot price [only one available in aus ] ,i baught two ,


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JWClassicParts, Kilsyth, Vic. Australia. $9.50 each.

Google "Pedal rubber Peugeot" images.

My '73 Ti has the square rubbers.


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Search ebay for square pedal rubbers and check dimensions easy