308 aircon compressor question.


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Thanks for reading.

308 2010 Petrol auto

Supposedly the compressor is "seized" but I'm not sure I believe it so would appreciate your thoughts.

I'm aware we have a slow leak in the aircon system somewhere. This is due to a regas about 10 months ago and over the past month it has progressively been blowing less cold. It now just blows ambient temp air.
I took the car to an aircon and radiator service shop today.

I was told the compressor is seized based on, ..
the centre nut on the flywheel was not turning with the wheel. ?

The guy explained, which I know, that some cars use a clutch mechanism and only pump when the clutch is engaged.
Others spin and are effectively pumping all the time but only allow gas into the compressor when needed. Like ours.
Now supposedly there is the centre shift, which he calls the link, that rotates constantly, but if something goes wrong internally, this link shaft snaps intentionally so the flywheel can keep spinning with the belt so as not to interrupt the other components that rely on the belt turning.

Hope I'm making sense so far.

So what he said is, because the centre bolt in the flywheel is stationary while the flywheel is spinning with the belt, the compressor must be seized up and needs to be replaced.

What I'm wondering though, is if there is no gas in the system, would the appropriate sensors have detected this and thus have disengaged the compressor altogether. ?

So if we just regas the system, the sensors will detect pressure, and the compressor will start working again ?

Or, is what this bloke is telling me, that because the centre bolt is not spinning when the flywheel is spinning, means the compressor is seized ?



I have a good s/h replacement compressor for the series1 308 2007 - 2010 i waa going to hold on to as a spare.