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2cv Brake problems


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Good day to all,
need some technical help. I have a 1981 2CV and when I drive for a while, the brakes start binding and the brake pedal gets hard. This is a disk brake model and uses LHM plus oil.
I have looked all around the brakes but cant find the problem. when the car is cold, brake pedal is nice an soft and no binding whatsoever.
please assist. Thank you in advance


Has this problem happened after recent work on the brakes or has it slowly developed?
Is the binding happening from the front or back brakes. You need to determine which wheel/s

I would suggest a start would be to re-adjust the rear brakes. Most probably an over adjusted drum


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Hi :)
I would suggest you look at the adjustment on the master cylinder rod. It sounds like it has been adjusted with no free travel and not allowing the piston to return enough and allow fluid to return to the resevoir. There must be a small amount of clearance of the rod when the pedal is released.
If the rod is OK then possibly the return hole is blocked or the master cylinder needs looking at.
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