2009 C4 top of dash instrument panel failure


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Hi all,
My daughter has a 2009 C4 with the display that sits on top of the dashboard.
It started flickering only when it got hot but now its almost unreadable.
I did post this question 3 years ago when it wasn't too bad but its almost failed.
It's not the backlight but the letters.
I've read that to try adjusting the brightness knob so it stops may stop it.
Also remove it from the dash and clean the wire harness connections.
Another said it may be the dry joints have cracked and need to be repaired.
I think that the dry joints on the PCB are the issue and it either needs repairing or replace with a good second hand one.

Just wondering what thoughts others may have on the forum.




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I have an 03 Pug 307. Was unreadable when hot. Replaced the incandescsant bulbs with leds.Green coloured light- T5. Even put a dash mat on and put heat bubble wrap under it. It works better now. Still fades away on a sunny day. Dont know if your daughters car has the same monitor.