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1959 4cv Restoration in North Carolina USA


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Never thought about that offset!! Live and learn eh. Pity about the rego and what goes behind that..... I drove Bruce's car once and it was really nice with the 330 box.
Currently several club members are putting Dauphine brakes and new front suspension bushes on it for him. So as to be ready for the 50th birthday bash.


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Currently several club members are putting Dauphine brakes and new front suspension bushes on it for him. So as to be ready for the 50th birthday bash.
That's just great. He'll be overjoyed, I can imagine. Good people.

Dauphine brakes are just great on a 4CV. Same size as FJ Holden I think!!! I love mine.

Stan W

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It's not likely that I would install a 330 gearbox, but my first inclination would be to modify the 4cv crossmember. I am MUCH more likely to install a 314 gearbox from a Dauphine. I have been working on the rusted thin spots on the lower part of the front left wing. There are all sorts of compound curves, so I made my patches in several pieces. I can form small pieces with the hammer and dolly, but not complex compound curves. It works well to make the patches in several pieces, but it takes time. Work on the wing was delayed by a lawnmower problem. The balance assembly, camshaft and governor were all destroyed - not sure which failed first. It is a poor design (briggs and stratton), but amazingly, repairable without spending a lot of $$. I solved the problem by purchasing a similar but older and better mower. I will fix the newer one properly and sell it. Both are swedish riders - articulated mowers.



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I can vouch for the 314 being an improvement! Mine was built with the 7x33 diff ratio to suit my early car. Briggs and Stratton powers our rotary lawn mower (small lawn but a bit of grass is good) and it's some 20+ years old now. Just goes and goes. It's junky in its way I agree. I change the oil every year or two. You'd need more than metallic epoxy for yours by the look of it!
Nice panel work - way beyond my skill set!


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Hi Stan ;)
Nice work !! I wish I had your patience :cry:
Those syncro balance B&S motors had a habit of failing like that after a long life usually. The syncro weight bearings on the crank eccentrics wear and sieze eventually and the slim weight side castings let go. Thus the carnage ! I guess by now there is a repair kit as the rest of the engine is just normally worn. You could put a non syncro balanced engine crank and parts in. 😁


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Hi Stan, my 4CV front wings need the same treatment. The metal was so thin on these little cars, it's no wonder it doesn't take much for them to rust away in the right environment.

I had to do a job on my brother's Husqvarna ride-on (I think you call them lawn tractors) when the B&S came to an abrupt halt too. The decompression device on the back of the cam gear comes adrift causing havoc. The parts to fix were as cheap as the quality of the originals! Common problem, it would seem.


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B & S can make good engines. My John Deere ride on (lawn tractor) has a B & S specially made for JD. About 15 years and quite a lot of work no faults and spasmodic servicing on my part. But I had a number of other ride on mowers over the years with B & S that were pretty much junk. Two were replaced under warranty. Not my favourite brand of motor. But have also had two bad Honda's so there you go.