Had some s/hand rubber fitted to my Rx-4 the other day, $440 f&b for a set of Bridgestone Duellers, 85-90% tread.


Talking to the owner whilst paying we got onto odd tyres. he told me he refused 2 Michi 135's on his last trip as he reckon he'd never sell them i told him I could have sold them before they were even packed to ship back.

He goes on 5 or so buying trips a year and has taken my details and I have his mobile number. I know there would be interest in some 135s and also likely 145/15 Michi's. I'd need definite numbers if I were to place a request with him for his next trip.

This particular business gets my stamp for great service too as I got not 2km away from their shop when getting back to the car I noticed a nail in the LH rear tyre. I drove back and they repaired it but wouldn't take my $20 for the repair. Excellent service in my book.

They deal in s/hand, new and delivery tyres. What's delivery, they are the OEM tyres people who have after market wheels/tyres fitted don't need and are on-sold by the dealers.