Coming Back to Australia
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    Coming Back to Australia

    I'll be going back to Australia probably in Sept and I'd like to spend a full day with a car salesman at different dealerships such as Citroen, Peugeot, even Audi and Mercedes. My goal is to learn about the models that aren't available in the USA and also have the salesmen me take me on some pretty extensive test drives.

    How much upfront money should I offer a salesman for a full day of his time? I've already called the HQs of various manufacturers and their response is no can do. So it seems I'll just have to pay for the experience. What would a Mercedes sales guy expect for a full day? I can pretty much gauge it down from there.


    My feeling is if I pay I can ask all the questions I want and not worry about wasting the salesman's time.

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    I'd say you could pay Leo Geoghegan for this...

    He's set himself up as a car consultant on the Gold Coast, he has the contacts that would enable him to get all the lowdown on the cars you want to know about...

    He would also likely be able to introduce you to people who would be helpful to you.

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