Queensland Road Safety forum dates.
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    Queensland Road Safety forum dates.

    Just received an invitation from the Travelsafe Committee advising of a series of forums to be held in relation to the inquiry that I have lodged the submission in relation to.
    The main subject of these forums is "to discuss education, training & licensing restrictions to reduce novice driver & motorbike crashes."
    Anyone with a genuine interest I would suggest makes it a point to attend & put forward some more positive suggestions than those presently being proposed as some of these would create a class distinction system in motoring as well as placing unreasonable restrictions on responsible young drivers. The ideas are draconian by nature and almost impossible for the average young driver to abide by. The prospect of them being made retrospective is a possibility, thereby impacting on those already holding provisional licences.
    I've already done my share by drafting a 12 page submission in which I was highly critical of the Governments attitude towards road safety & reforms aimed in such a manner at young drivers. I will possibly also have to travel a few hours to attend the closest meeting plus there is also a strong chance that I may have to also front the committee at sometime at Parliament House so it would be nice to see some kind of support even if it's only "wooden indian" variety at these forums, but I would hope for something a bit more vocal and productive.
    FYI, the proposed "reforms" include extension of the provisional licence period, "P" plates to be displayed (so the coppers know who to pull up) a curfew on how late at night you are allowed to be driving, how many passengers (and who??) you can have in your car, possible power restrictions on the vehicles you can drive as just a few examples.
    If these forums are allowed to be hijacked by the silver tails from the Treasury, Transport & Police Departments, even more draconian measures could end up in place, after which all the posts on aussiefrogs & any other forum will fall on deaf ears as this is the one chance you have of being heard by the right people. Apathy dictates that it's a case that all too many people say "There ain't nuthin' ya can do; yer wastin' yer time!" To which I respond Bullshit!!!! If everybody thought like that this would be the case, so here's your chance to make a difference. This lot is looking down the barrel at an Election within 6 months of the Committee bringing down it's findings, so I have already flagged to them that there are marginal seats that could be in jeopardy if we get more of the same.
    So if you're fair dinkum, this is where it's all happening:


    20th May: 9.00am - 11.30am

    Level 5 Parliamentary Annexe
    George Street

    20th May: 3.00pm - 5.30pm

    Gold Coast
    Robina Community Centre

    21st May: 10.30am - 1.00pm

    Power Boat Club
    Woorim Park
    Golden Beach

    21st May: 4.00pm - 6.30pm

    Hamilton Hall
    Cootharaba Road

    22nd May: 12.30pm - 3.00pm

    Lord's Function Room
    Best Western Motel
    2 Burnage Street,

    (Don't you love the last one?) How do you spell "Junket" B.E.S.T. W.E.S.T.E.R.N. dance dance

    RSVP: (To reserve a seat)

    Phone 3406 7908
    Fax 3406 7070
    E-mail tsafe@parliament.qld.gov.au
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    Yeah, I'd like to be in on that...

    At least we'll get a foretaste of the 1984 that's yet to come upon the young.

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