old frogs some of Aussie's favourite cars
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    old frogs some of Aussie's favourite cars

    The current issue of Wheels has bits from all the previous editors, and each gets to name what they believe are the best and worst cars of the past 50 years. The Citroen DS gets onto most of their "best" lists, and the Pug 203 and 404 pop up on one or two. Renault gets heaps of mentions elsewhere in the articles (lots of photos of R16s driving through mud), although I don't think they made it into any of their lists. One dishonerable mention goes to the Citroen BX - for interior quality and poor layout of controls.

    The 504 and R8 received an honerable mention as well.

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    I saw that article it was very interesting. That R16 thru the mud was cool, very daring however.
    Pity about the BX..

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