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    Handy hints for loading

    Here is a tip that works on my computer anyway:
    When you are going into a forum in aussiefrogs don't wait till the forum fully loads up, on my computr if you press the stop button before the page is loaded, eg when the blue bar at the bottom is 1/4 to 1/2 loaded. The page will come up and it is much faster.The only thing is if you are to quick the bottom of the page will be missing the post reply etc. just use the top post reply button instead.

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    If you're a regular visitor (which you appear to be) go into "My Profile" and change the settings to display only the last few days of posts. It speeds up things dramatically.

    I have it set to 5 days of posts.

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    Me too. When I started using the forum, I found it took forever to load until I set the limit on old posts.
    Still too bloody slow though snail Maybe it is because I have a 28.8K dialup snail snail
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