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    Driving on snow

    I'm planning on hitting the slopes next week and was wondering if there was any things I should do to make it easier in my 505.

    I've been reading a few american websites which list all the usual things you should take, however some say if you have a RWD car you should put a sand bag over the rear axel. Do I need to do this? I'll have 2 adults in the back seat.

    Any other thoughts?

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    Make sure your radiator coolent is the non-freeze type wink I was in a car (about 10 years ago) with my uncle and we had a bit of an issue there...lol

    Also I guess chains are a good idea if you are like driving across snow, although I have driven around thredbo village in peak season and the snow is barely a foot deep, I didn't need chains on the 4WD we were in.

    Oh yeah, make sure you windscreen wiper resivoir has some additive it is as well that stops it from freezing, you wouldn't want your lines icing up and not being able to wash your windscreen wink

    As for the sandbag, I think two adults and a boot full of lugage would be surely sufficient...
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    n b j:
    Also I guess chains are a good idea if you are like driving across snow, although I have driven around thredbo village in peak season and the snow is barely a foot deep, I didn't need chains on the 4WD we were in.
    Someplaces won't let you up without chains ... whether you need them or not. Hire them in town (where ever that is) and not near the ski fields as the price can be double or more sometimes.

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    borrow someones FWD pug and take it down
    much better control on snow in FWD but RWD is fun but be careful
    brake early and gently and feather your throttle
    try and hunt around for a cheap set of chains before you go maybe from a farmer if you know of any
    they quite often have a set of chains around the farm somewhere
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    Do not go to the snow without chains - not sure about Vic, but in NSW if the chains sign is up you MUST carry them or you can get whacked with a big fine.

    Take a tarp to lay on when you are putting the chains on and probably a pair of overalls and gloves too.

    Practice putting the chains on BEFORE you go if you get some locally. Makes you look like an expert if you are required to do them, and besides, the sooner you get the chains on, the sooner you are on the snow and skiing. However, if you are one of those wallys on snowboards, take ALL the time in the world to get your chains on - it gives real skiers more time to appreciate the runs without the kamikaze onslaught! mallet dance

    Take a few sheets of a broadsheet newspaper (in NSW I would use the SMH) and before you leave the car, put a couple of sheets of paper across the screen and use some melted snow to stick it there. That way when you come back instead of having to scrape ice and crud off your screen you just peel of the paper, shove it in a plazzy shopping bag and go.

    DO NOT use your EFTPOS/credit card to scrape off the snow - it will more than likely snap, leaving you financially stuffed for the weekend - makes the bars etc a bit dull and boring if ya can't have a few drinks!

    Have fun and drive carefully please.

    I was in Cooma yesterday and drove back up through Canberra to Goulburn. There was even snow on the Brindabellas in southern ACT. Looks like it could be a good winter again. cheers!
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