Any Renaults Avaliable for a Wedding?
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    Default Any Renaults Avaliable for a Wedding?

    I'm getting married on the 24th of April this year, and I was hoping that I could hire 3 Renault Laguna's from "Budget Hire Car" in Newcastle or even get them up from Sydney. Alas Renault and Budget havn't seen eye to eye and the Laguna's are no longer offered to rent.


    I learnt to drive in a Renault 12, my first car was a Renault 12 that I rescued from a DIY builder. My second car was a Renault 18 until the head bolts pulled clean out of the block. My father and Brother currently drive Fuego's and Mum drives a Scenic Rx4.

    I would love to have Laguna's for my wedding, they are such a quality vehicle and so far superior than the standard, well I'm not going to dirty this board by mentioning the standard brand of wedding cars that my friends have all used at their weddings.

    Is there anyone out there that can help me? I'm prepared to assist financially especially if your willing to drive up from Sydney.
    Please drop me an email,
    Phil King
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    On a similar tone, does anyone know if you can hire 607's from anywhere?

    -- DJ

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