Had a courtesy call today from Adrian at Onshore Oils at Lytton in Brisbane.
They are presently stocked up on LHM (40+ cartons 20 litre drums even 200 litre drums) as well as a full range of the latest in synthetics from Gulf/Elf/Total.
I have asked for him to follow through the prospects of stocking Fluide T for C-matics as well as Hydraucanage (Hydro-flush) for hydro Cits.
They also have on hand now the Hydraulic Fluid for the C5 systems.
I have negotiated a deal that allows anyone here to buy at almost wholesale prices oils & fluids as per manufacturers recommendations and there is good savings to be made.
If you buy, it has to be done in usually 20 litre lots but I would suggest that if that is too large an order, then look at doing a buy with a couple joining in the order.
I have a list of prices that I posted a little while back & if requested can supply or at worst post on here.
I will post when I am advised of the availability & price of Fluide T and Hydra flush.


Alan S