My (volvo) repair man - who is quite capable with 505 and bx16v, has had a 504 injection outside his workplace since about April, I think.
Today I asked him what the story is with that car:-
You want to buy it? he said.
Turns out a customer left it with him to fix (engine didn't run - kugelfisher injection) After a lot of study he fixed the vehicle, but customer didn't come back to pay. The car owes him $255.40 for the repairs:-
supply 2nd hand battery; cut keys, ignition switch, fuse and fuel.
Noted faults: 4 tyres need replacing, throttle stuck, front brake pads worn, muffler BLOWN open, battery not secured, exhaust not secure. Rust in tail light panel (between boot and bumperbar) and LHF guard. Minor ding in RHF guard.
He reckons he can claim the vehicle legally and will let it go to anyone who pays him the $255.40. Colour is a kind of goldy maroon??
Don't know if anyone is interested or even if it is worth $255. Email me if interested.