Hey chaps. Been a while since I posted here (in fact I haven't since the database was lost). Since then I have moved from Hamilton NZ to Brisbane and am in need of an economical and fun daily driver. In NZ I had a petrol 406 so I wouldn't mind another 406 here except I would prefer diesel and it must be 5 speed manual. Will also consider a 206, 306 or the Citroen counterparts (ZX, Xantia etc). Looking to spend up to about $5k but I would prefer something a bit lower cost with perhaps paint/panel damage or even small issues to fix up. Would also consider the petrol versions again if cheap enough, or even other alternatives anyone can think of that is mid-late 90s/early 2000's larger hatch or mid-sized sedans in 5 speed manual.


I'm in Brisbane but willing to travel for the right car, have family in Sydney so can look at NSW cars etc.