Unfortunately I have no more room to house the family's baby.

Our Bianca White series 2 605SV is looking for a new home. The car has always been garaged and used with great care (two Volvos in the family have covered for it when trips with risk, sun, no covered parking, etc, were to take place).

The car presents as close to new as is possible for an original 1995 model car. The interior is unmarked. Some say they can still detect the "new car smell". The leather is unmarked, the plastics are all intact.

Negatives? A minor scuff on the front bumper, and a minor scratch on the windscreen. There are no shopping trolley dents and the like. This car has been babied.


The typical things that fail on 605, like the wonderful electronic suspension, works perfectly. The car has four near new Yokohama C-drive tyres.

Rego will expire in June 2012.

However, in the boot and boxed there are new parts to the value of around $5000-$5500, for the following mechanical work:

4 new Brembo brake rotors
New brake pads for all brakes
Full set of upgraded brake hoses
Suspension bushes
All engine mounts
All components to recondition the steering rack
Spare filters for the next few services

Spare parts that aren't new: two headlights (they're frightfully expensive, so good to have just in case)

However, because the PRV engine has blown a headgasket, it will take someone with the time to rectify this problem to bring this limousine back on the road. However, radiator, water pump, and many other items have been replaced in the last couple of years. The car is driveable though.

Our 605 has been maintained and kept as a long-term prospect, being our third and newest/best 605 we've had in the family. We thought we would never let go of this car. It has been driven sparingly, mainly by my mother, to keep it as close to concourse as possible.

If I had the garaging space, the car would most definitely be kept. However, this is not the case so I'm looking for the best offer in the next week or two and the car well sell. I will listen to all offers.

The person who takes on this project will end up with arguably the best Peugeot 605 in the country.

Please PM your interest and I can email photographs upon request.