4CV 'Restoration Project' on EBAY
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    Icon6 4CV 'Restoration Project' on EBAY

    4CV for sale in NSW.



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    Quote Originally Posted by REN TIN TIN
    I looked at this advertisement. I very much doubt that it is a 1947 model Renault 750.

    The car looks like about a 1955-56 model with the late type (1954 and onwards) grill, but lacks the unique round 1954 centre badge, and has a late type double air cleaner arrangement on an early manifold. Might be telescopic shockers but it is a bit hard to distinguish this on the photo. Maybe VW bumpers too! This one might be restorable but would be a serious project for someone. It has non-standard headlamps, conversion to 12V, funny large front flashing indicators as well.

    Definitel challenging. But it is indeed a Renault 750, so let's hope someone rescues her! The 4CV register has lots of knowledge and some bits and pieces here and there, so a new owner could seek help....


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