Elsewhere in the forum, you will see that Ihave bought a particular Renault 10 after a long search.

Some toys have to go to make way.

A 1964 or 5 403 made in West Heidleberg....white with very good blue trim...little or no rust and a crap spray job applied by it's 80 odd year old previous owner (who inherited it from his cousin when he passed away). It is a lovely complete car with no rust to speak of. My wife and I have driven it all over the place...It was at the Jondaryan woolshed Heritage Festival last year....and we love it.....

The second is a 1959 COMPLETE spares car...rusty sills and a few other spots but basically sound and very complete. The bright work is in fantastic condition and the salt and pepper original interior is in excellent condition as well.

The driver could use a bush kit in the gearshift and a seal in the worm....brakes are new..water pump replaced ...other wise just use and enjoy. asking $4500 for the pair.