I have a friend who is in her final year of a nursing degree who due to an untenable domestic situation is going to have to break free in the next month. Unfortunately this will leave her without a car as hers was used as a trade in on a new car that was bought by her housemate (complicated situation).

She's a very genuine person who is just trying to regain some independance once the reality of the situation went quite pear shaped.

If anyone is considering a give away or sub $800 car they want off their hands...she might be very grateful...all she needs is something reliable that can get her to classes and to work (she has dropped to part-time in order to work to afford a car and studies) and is capable of being registered in Tassie without too many $ spent. She is also quite happy to get a car in Melbourne and bring it over if it is affordable.


PM me if you hear or know of any cars that might be suitable.