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    Default 203 Rolling Shell

    With my 505 outback rally car coming along and the 203 semi retired I no longer have a use for the car being advertised.

    It is a 1950 sunroof model and has had 95% of the rust repaired (using a rotating spit). Just a little bit around the back needs to be finished off. It is very straight in the front rails most unusual for a 203. It has been stored undercover.
    It has had transmission tunnel mods to enable the fitting of later model gearboxes, C2 through to BA7/5,and has a 203C tailshaft torque tube and rear axle assembly.
    It has a rebuilt 403 front end with 403 brakes but retains the nice quick 203 rack and pinion.
    It has been disassembled, things like doors are in a million bits. It has been rewired.
    I see it as being a great way to bring back a very rusty car that has been stored outdoors but could supply the parts needed to put this one back together.
    The tunnel conversion is highly significent, without this the early models are difficult to do anything with unless they are in very good condition so that the original bits are still usuable.
    $500 or thereabouts. I am in Melbourne.

    I also have an early 203 shell with an excellent front half, it has been reinforced as well
    in order to fit a Holden engine. The rear section isn't so good but but the shell would supply a good front cut.
    $200 ONO


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    Default Photos

    I have a heap of photos available now email me if you want to have a look.
    I may get time later on to reduce and place on this thread.

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