Hey everyone, Long time lurker first time poster.
I was the proud owner of a moonstone blue 306 gti6, but unfortunately a few weeks ago she met an unfortunate demise.

Hence i am to pass her on and hopefully replace her with another 306 or maybe a 206 (Im hooked now)

She was T-boned on the left side behind the passenger door and subsiquently hit a pole head on. It was not written off but i have deemed it to economically unviable to repair. The radiator was pushed in but the engine starts and runs fine, She will need to be trailered though.


It had 130 000km on the clock, serviced every 10 000km.

Most Gti parts are good condition such as the engine/ gearbox (as noted above), the interior (Half leather/ alcantara, Perfectly presented as the last owner retrimed the front seats), 3 gti6 wheels (slight gutter scrapes but perfectly usable), and one which would be fine to use but is scratched up pretty bad. and of course the git6 calipers are in good order.

It would suit someone wanting to upgrade their 306 xt/r to gti6 spec, or someone who would like to build the ultimate 205 gti6

I am looking for around $2200 for her so pm me with any offers around that vicinity

I will post pics tonight.