For Sale: Peugeot 406 D9 SV Manual - Outstanding
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    Default For Sale: Peugeot 406 D9 SV Manual - Outstanding

    MY00 Bianca White Peugeot 406 D9 SV Manual.
    Feb 2000 compliance.

    Black leather interior (heated front seats with electric adjustment) and all the usual SV features including electric windows/mirrors, central locking, immobiliser, trip computer, cruise control, adjustable headlamps with washers, auto wipers, climate control (very effective), f & r fog lamps, abs, speed sensitive power steering, f & s airbags, alloy wheels etc.

    Overall condition is outstanding and many have commented as such on both exterior and interior.

    Engine bay and under engine/gbox area is extremely clean with no oil leaks etc.

    This model is relatively scarce with the 5spd manual transmission.

    A new job a couple of kms from where I live has me considering a change on the private car front. A significant amount of $$ has been invested in the last 16 months with a view to longer term ownership, e.g.

    - Top quality (made in usa) metallic film window tinting

    - Timing belt replaced along with t/b rollers and water pump

    - Replacement of fuel gauge sender unit / pump assy (P/No. 1525C5 approx $480)

    - Replacement of auto dimming interior rear view mirror (P/No. 8149G8 approx $450)

    - Replacement of entire HP p/s hose section these are known for developing leaks at the pipe section joins - (P/No. 4020KV / 4014K2 $2234 through Peugeot but genuine item sourced for less)

    - Replacement of clutch assy (clutch plate, pressure plate, release brg) and clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder approx $930 in genuine parts as well as both LH and RH driveshaft seals

    - Replacement of electronic control module for cruise control system these are known to cause inoperative or intermittent c/c for this model - (P/No. 666054 - $1133 through Peugeot - genuine item sourced for less)

    - Replacement of front struts and rear dampers with quality european gas pressurised items

    - Replacement of top engine mount, top torque mount bushes, gearbox mount

    - Replacement of crankshaft harmonic dampener pulley

    - Replacement of the coolant temp sensor (for fuel injection) and the engine knock sensor

    - Replacement of the ignition lead harness assy for the rear bank (genuine) + all spark plugs


    - Replacement of the fuel filter, pollen filter, brake/clutch fluid, coolant, p/s oil, g/box oil, engine oil + filter (twice)

    I have $8730 in receipts for the above work (performed in the last 16 months)!!

    Also has Rego until Feb 2012!

    Full service history, with Peugeot dealerships / specialists used only. Pierre from PQ Automotive has commented recently that this car is probably the nicest D9 SV manual that he has driven.

    See zipped folder with photos - higher resolution photos are available if required.

    Looking for $9800 barely more than recent expenditure. This has not been an easy decision to sell.

    Please contact me direct on 0421 448 768 or send PM as next best option.

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    2000 Peugeot 406 SV 5spd

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