Sydney - 1987 205GTi.
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    Default Sydney - 1987 205GTi.

    I have an unregistered "12/09/03" 1987 205GTi that I am looking to sell.
    ~140K on the clock.

    Dont' want to let it go but I have decided to put my $ into my new clio sport rather than restore the pug.

    The front right wheel well panel has a fair ding and the boot has a large scratch.
    The interior has quite a few defects, ripped seat cloth, cracks in dash plastic etc.
    The ignition won't take the key anymore (someone tried to steal it). Can replace the tumbler if whoever buys it wants to drive it instead of scavenge/wreck it.
    The rear brake shoes need a swap.

    The engine is mechanically sound with the exception of the all too common piston slap on throttle out of tight corners.

    I am willing to let it go for $2500 ONO.

    Call me on 0403 348 509 if you would like to have a look.


    If I don't answer then please leave a message and I will call you back asap as I work strange hours and can't take my mobile into our server rooms.

    Here is a bit more information from a post I put on the OCAU forums.

    It is dark grey and ran out of rego about 2 months ago.

    There is a big bump on the front right wheel well panel, and a large scratch on the boot.

    The interior is in poor condition (mainly the drivers seat cloth and the plastic hood over the speedo).

    The ignition wont let the key in but you can hot wire it. The rear drum brake shoes need replacing.

    Other then the aforementioned problems it still has a straight chassis with excellent steering geometry, and the engine and driveline are both extremely sound. Though I think the piston rings will need replacing in the next 10-15K kms.

    To restore it to pristine condition will cost approximately $1300-$1500.

    I would be willing to let it go for $2500 ONO.

    So for $3500 you'll have a 205GTi that looks and runs like new.
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    Where are you located??


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    Quote Originally Posted by briz205

    Where are you located??

    As it says in the subject line Sydney

    Sorry though as I have already sold it to someone on these forums, obviously in the interests of confidentiality I can't reveal who.

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