Peugeot 504 TI for Sale
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    Peugeot 504 TI for Sale

    Hi All,

    We've reluctantly selling our Peugeot 504 TI, as we want to go bush & need a 4WD.

    Its a TI Model with fuel injection, electric windows. It drives really well, lots of power, its very reliable, advocado green and with little rust. Asking about $2500



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    You must be planning to go to some really really rough country, because 504s usually go most places, if you have some decent springs (i.e. more ground clearance) under them. It would be safer to have a carburettored 504 in the middle of nowhere, than a fuel injected 504, since the carby cars can usually be kept going with a piece of wire and chewing gum or something similar. I wish they sold those 4X4 504 Dangel models in Australia. They've got heaps of ground clearance and really low gears and are supposedly a very good 4X4. I guess that's why the French army uses them as ambulances.

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