404 tray/ute whatever
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    404 tray/ute whatever

    Have one metallic amber/brown, two litre, auto, lpg, not going, complete, fairly clean 404 tray/ute, has sedan dash too. if interested
    ring 0427125070 or 32195122 or post on web.
    I drove it off the truck on some cylinders,verified the motor stuffed, made big plans,and went back to my Renaults.If interested contact to discuss value etc. I turned down fifteen hundred recently just to set the scene a little.Regards to all. Fish. Also have a 505 sedan with tacky 5 speed, registered, and a 505 STI minus body for sale P.O.A. Anyone got a bell housing for an STI manual?? Been a stumbling block.


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    g'day there
    can you give me a little more info on how bad the engine is in the ute and why is it auto ?
    also some more info on the other two 505's that you have there please
    thank you
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    sorry i've not replied sooner, been away...
    the 404 has had a 504 implant engine/trans and diff...404sedan dash and seats....sold it too!!

    the 505 is a 2 litre 5 speed, blue velour interior
    from a New Zealand STI goes ok, looks ok needs
    some paint on one side, no rust. lookspretty fine.
    The sti was a NZ 2 litre 3 speed ZF trans, it was
    a tad skanky so I wrecked it and racked the bits, a lot of bits, seems to take up more room than the car did. I'll sell the bits, the injected 2 litre is a good motor with lots of HP, better
    performance than the 2.2 ploddy thing a lot of aust ones got. if you need the car or parts, call me. I'm in Brisbane. I'll drive it when my Renos
    need a break untill it sells. I sold my pristine auto 16Ts to some folk with good references, and some fine boys at a Peugeot shop used it for a BMW crash dummy. Hey Bob and John, I'll forgive you......one day, after a few beers. The renault mightn't tho. They sold me the white 505 too, so they'll tell you all about it. Regards...Fish

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