Received this via email & am passing on here:-


I have a 1979 Peugeot 604 which, unfortunately, I must part with. I am
a student in Melbourne and "Claude" as he is dubbed, requires a little
more attention than I am able to devote to him. I was wondering if you
could point me in the right direction as to advertising, car clubs etc
where there may be interest.

A little about the car. Green, automatic, leather, sunroof (requires
seals), full electrics, gas/petrol, about 330,000km but the engine is
still beautiful, power steering etc. There is a problem with the
starter motor which I can't afford to get fixed (student!!) but if there
is anyone looking for a car like this, even for parts, I am interested.
(Would prefer an enthusiast for obvious reasons).

My email address is and I would greatly appreciate
even some advice as to where to go from here because I really don't