504 wagon 80 model
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    504 wagon 80 model

    i have a striaght 504 wagon which i was going to do up for myself but have come to the reality i have to many projects..
    it is a 80 model with the short gear lever, 80% rwc, have fitted a reco head, due to it having dropped a valve seat when i brought it..
    new windscreen, new rear shoes and machined drums. many other things i have done to it that i have forgotten..
    it has A/C but compressor is stuff, so can be fixed. has rust in the botton of the doors but other wise pritty good, it is white.
    the car is in boxhill
    contact me on 9890 8822
    or paul@autoparis.com.au
    best offer..
    regards paul.


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    Just a couple of points for clarification...

    Wagon or Familiale? Square port or round port head (should be square port...)? Did you get hard valve seats fitted when the head was done?

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    Is it registered?
    Les hurlements de lion.
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    I can feel a GTI 180 coming on!

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    bieng an 80 model with short lever (if lever is standard) i'd say familiale
    the trucks were pretty rare out here
    95% of wagons here were the familiales
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    it was, but the back seats are missing so it a wagon now..
    it is not reged i have had it for 3 yrs....
    it is a square port 2 lt motor...
    regards paul.

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