505 GTI (rough) 4 Sale
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    505 GTI (rough) 4 Sale

    Finally decided to retire the pug! 87 505 GTI auto, blue, air, power steering, cental locking, CD. After 8 years, 600,000kms (many on gravel), one gearbox, 3 rims, a few electrical problems, and 2 fences later, the final straw was a ceased front wheel bearing. Engine has good compression, and has not missed a beat the entire time. Body is bit battered, and paint faded. Interior OK. Offers?? A local enthusiast has expressed intrest for wrecking, but wondering value. Any ideas??


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    To give you some idea I just bought a 1983 505 STi for $300.

    What was wrong with it?:
    -just run out of rego
    -worn out tyres
    -broken headlight switch
    -cracked headlight
    -perished windscreen wipers
    -broken odometer
    -split front seats
    -cracked front blinker
    -faded tailight
    -deteriorated plastic chromework
    -small dent in bonnet
    -small dent in drivers door
    -small cracks in dashboard

    What was good:
    -almost no rust
    -paint not faded (metallic red)
    -body fairly straight
    -interior better than most
    -engine good
    -5 speed box good
    -basically it's a pretty good car

    I originally bought this car for parts, but decided it was too good to strip. I'll be swapping all the good stuff from my 504 into it (GTi suspension, modified engine, etc). The STi engine and gearbox are going in a friends' 203 ute.

    These cars are not worth much at the moment due to the low demand. They are worth more as parts. The fact that your car is a series 2 model (December 1985 onwards) probably means it is worth a bit more than my $300 car, since cheap series 2 505s are rare, whereas there are heaps of cheap series 1 505s. The fact that your car is immobile, however, makes it harder to sell. If you're close to a major city somebody will be willing to pay $500 or so for it for parts. If you're not near a major city or twon then the cost of transport puts people off (luckily the 505 I bought was completely mobile and only just around the corner from a friends' place, where I kept it for a week until I registered it).

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    What sort of bucks would u be looking for ? at the right price I might consider it as a do up project.

    Mind u it would want to be cheap considering it has to come to Tassie...but I am quite interested just the same !


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