Citroen AX - Sounds OK.
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    Citroen AX - Sounds OK.

    Just pinched this one from the Citroen Classifieds Bulletin Board. Don't know if it's still available (haven't heard anything to the contrary) but if you can't find a nice 205 this has to be worth a call or a look.


    Alan S

    A very nice AX for sale. First sold 1991. VIN ZW6528. Fitted with A/C. Electric windows, 5 speed. Fuel injected. White in colour. 107,000 Km and performs very very well. Has gal sub-frame etc so no rust to concern. Asking $7,000. Located on the Sunshine Coast Qld. Ring and talk to Ron.
    07 54769192 or 0407 769192.

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    Another AX off the cit bulletin board

    AX GT for sale
    Posted by alex bartho on 9/9/2001, 2:43 pm

    1991 CITROEN AX GT for sale, 11 months rego, new tyres, elctric windows, air conditioning, sports induction, rola roof racks, good reliable fast car, cheap to run
    immaculate through out, canberra $7000 ph (on the run) 0402136300, (home) 62816300

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